The shapes are attacking! Build your defense by playing cards to place and upgrade towers. You will be dispatched to diverse areas where you will encounter various enemies. Build your defense accordingly to stop the shapes from reaching your core. Break them, before they break you.

Key Features

  • Card-based defense: Play cards to build and improve towers.
  • Deckbuilding:  Gain rewards to customize your deck, defense and playstyle. 
  • Build unique towers: Create unique towers by combining them with different modules and elements.
  • Mazing: Enemies will try to head straight to your core, but don't let them. Choose the position of your towers wisely to create the perfect maze.
  • Unique playthroughs: Every playthrough contains distinct rewards, areas and enemies. 


You can wishlist the game on Steam here


  • Play cards to build & improve your defense

  • Defend your core
  • Gain new cards
  • Gain passive upgrades



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StatusIn development
Release date in 31 days
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorAlexander VdB
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Deck Building, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Tactical, Top-Down, Tower Defense
Average sessionAbout an hour

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Wow I was actually pleasantly surprised by this game!  It is very well made and really fun!

I love how you can actually change the path using your towers, it's a very unique mechanic that I haven't seen in a TD game, until now! However I do wish that there was an upgrade that made you able to place down walls, so that you don't have to put towers in unnecessary places (where they can't reach) just to get the path in the position that you want it in.  Also, it'd be great to have an option to 'check' the cards so the text gets closer and easier to read for those who have trouble reading small text, luckily I've been blessed with good eyesight, but not everybody has that so that's something you might wanna consider too.

Sometimes the splash upgrade became very inconvenient (you can't really use it on the first level without taking damage, so it's a bit in the way). And at one point, I only got upgrades and no towers at the first round of one level, I don't know if that is a bug or what, but I think that needs to not happen.

My favourite tower is the sniper tower :v 

and the shield upgrade is bombb


I agree, splash damage could get some kind of buff, i also loved the second boss, and tempo is my fave, i wish there was an upgrade that boosted attack speed and that the game was longer, but other than that it is one of the best browser TDs ive played


nvm, sniper tower with sun, destroys, sniper is beast, tempo still good tho

I loved the idea of a tower defense where the placement of the towers affect the route of the enemies. I also loved the deckbuilding and rogulike aspects. Everything in this game was perfect. Thanks for the awesome game! <3


Glad you like it. Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. It's very motivating! :)

So you will release this on steam?

Yeah, the idea is to first release it on Steam and then on other platforms where people are interested in the game. 

I think it's fair to eventually release it on itch as well, seeing how much players and feedback I've gotten here.

I've also seen people enjoying the game on mobile, so that could also be interesting to consider.


Thank you. Waiting for steam release.


absolutely love it; its a roguelite, deckbuilder, tower defense, and in general a great well balanced game. the only thing i could think to criticize is the empty linear maps, i can only guess that in the future the levels will web out more and have more to do but for now it is great


I thought difficulty was fine actually. It was difficult, but certainly manageable.

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Thanks for the feedback! Balancing the game is challenging and a continuous endeavour. My vision is that act 1 should not be too challenging, unless maybe it was your first run. And act 2 is allowed to be more challenging. I think act 3 will be allowed to be challenging and requires you to have found good synergies between cards and passive upgrades (Currently called Curio's). 

Let me know if the balance ever feels off. :)

act 2 is too hard

Thanks for the feedback! Balance changes are coming in the next update.

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Update 0.1.7 is now live and contains a couple of balance changes. Details can be found here:

I'll be monitoring feedback and will introduce more balance changes in the next update if needed.


looking forward to act 2


Me too! :D It's on its way.


It would be nice if it had a button to accelerate and decelerate. I also want to comment that the critical card is not worth it, as much as the damage is high, the chance is ridiculous, it's better to have one that has the result guaranteed

Hey. Thanks for the feedback!

You can speed up or slow down the game in the top left corner. Is this what you mean with accelerate and decelerate? If so, maybe the UI design for it is not very clear?

I have had similar feedback on the critical card (Overload) about the chance being too low. I will be reworking it to have a higher chance in order to be competitive with elements that have a guaranteed result. 

I meant I needed a key to accelerate, for example ''q''


Hey! This is a nice game. Reminded me of Bloons TD battles card mode.

I thought that the text on the card was a bit too small to read and I felt that I should be able to see the range of the tower while placing them down and not after.

But overall i found the card designs quite nice. Hope to see more improvements!


Hi! Thanks for the feedback.

I just switched from simmer to I was not yet aware that my text here was so small. I'm not sure how you and others have been able to play the game this way. Probably have a very good pair of eyes! Players should be able to go full screen now, which is the intended way to play and this should solve the problem.

Good suggestion for seeing the range on towers when placing them. I received the same feedback from a playtester. I will make sure to add it in one of the next updates.

I'm familiar with Bloons TD but not with the battles card mode. I will be sure to check it out!